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Shower Enclosures Miami

For innovative glass and mirror creations, give us a call at 786-458-6511

For elegant, easy-to-maintain glass shower enclosures, contact NVA Glass & Mirror. We are proud to serve Miami and the surrounding areas.

Let’s Redefine Shower Time

Ditch the shower curtain drama! NVA Glass & Mirror brings a touch of excitement to Miami with its dazzling glass shower enclosures. Say hello to a bathroom that's as elegant as it is functional. 

Our enclosures redefine shower time – imagine dancing in cascades of natural light while retaining the exclusivity of your private concert. Whether you're into frameless allure or framed finesse, we have the perfect solution for your style. Dive in and let NVA Glass & Mirror transform your showers into luxurious daily adventures!

As elegant as it is functional
Shower Enclosures Miami
Our Services
  • Glass Staircases
  • Custom Shower Doors
  • Glass Rails
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Glass Partitions
Our Guarantees
  • Years of Expertise
  • Top-Quality Glass Creations
  • Uncompromising Excellence
  • Expert Artisans
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Maintenance Made Easy

With glass shower enclosures from NVA Glass & Mirror in Miami, easy maintenance is part of your daily relaxation. Our enclosures are treated to repel water, soap scum and dirt, ensuring that a simple wipe is all it takes to make them crystal-clear. 

Forget about tedious scrubbing and welcome precious moments spent enjoying your shower sanctuary. The beauty of your bathroom remains effortlessly radiant, allowing you to indulge in the luxury of a spotless space without the inconvenience of intensive maintenance.

Call us today for details- we also provide glass staircases, custom shower doors, glass rails, custom mirrors and glass partitions.

Effortlessly radiant
Glass Shower Enclosures Miami